Our Island: Tinos

Although the focus of your time and energy on Tinos is her marble, the islands hospitality and your hours for relaxation, are central to your travel experience.

Tinos is dramatic in its rugged and mountainous beauty. Her villages, many clinging to the marble cliffs, mostly remain as they were centuries ago. The marble portals, window fanlights, bell towers and church interiors, all of local marble, can be seen everywhere.

From the ruins of the Venetian castle atop the mountain of Exobourgo, one has a breathtaking view of endless terraces and stone walls, villages and dovecotes dotting the hills, the Aegean Sea and neighboring islands at her feet.

One must see the sun set into the Aegean to understand Homers "wine colored sea", or watch the full moon rise out of the water and lay a luminous path into the distance to complete the islands character.