You, The Carver

In a two-week workshop, carvers explore the following areas:

  • Formulation of an idea/making a model or drawings
  • Choosing a stone and how to identifying flaws that will affect your work / Identifying the three surfaces of a block
  • All stages of roughing out, modelling, polishing and finishing a piece of sculpture in local Tinos marble
  • Mastering the rhythms of hand tools and proper use of power and compressed air tools
  • Learn simple scaling techniques and how to place a piece in a stone

Professional and experienced carvers may want to concentrate on finer aspects of marble sculpture; lettering - low and deep relief carving - working a bust in clay - casting in plaster and pointing a piece in marble. Carvers wanting to learn the process of pointing will need at least three weeks at the studio.

Direct carvers are free to work as independently as they choose, but will always find assistance from our staff whenever necessary.